To help celebrate TPSRadio’s 10 year anniversary, we check in with some of our original hosts to see where they are now! Check this page weekly as we add updates on former and current TPSRadio hosts!

This week’s spotlight:

John Poindexter and Dave McColl

John_PoindexterName: John Poindexter

Show(s) I host(ed) on TPSRadio: The RaiderCast

My favorite TPSRadio/TPXRadio memory: Meeting Ray and a bunch of the TPSRadio hosts at the 2006 Podcast Expo in Ontario, Ca

What I’m up to now: Still Co-hosting the 10th year of The RaiderCast.


Dave_McCollName: Dave McColl

Show(s) I host(ed) on TPSRadio: The RaiderCast, Hitting To All Fields

My favorite TPSRadio/TPXRadio memory: Meeting Ray and the rest of the hosts from TPSRadio at the New Media Expo.

What I’m up to now: Starting a new show called Homegrown Comedy and hosting The RaiderCast.



Matt Dahl

Matt_DahlName: Matt Dahl
Show(s) I host(ed) on TPSRadio: Matt Dahl Radio
My favorite TPSRadio memory: Christmas Episode in December 2012, first holiday special we did and it was filled with plenty of laughs!
What I’m up to now: I am currently the Weekend News Anchor and also host the daily “Sports in 60″ feature on 77 WABC in NYC.

Billy C and Jeremy Calogero


Name: Billy C & Jeremy Calogero

Show(s) I host(ed) on TPSRadio: Talkin Boxing w/ Billy C

My favorite TPSRadio memory: Man, there are so many! It has to be the first time we went live! We had recorded a few shows and neither one of us had ever “done it live.” wait….Done it… that doesnt sound right… Anyway. The pressure of knowing we couldn’t go back and re record was just what the show needed to kick it up a notch.

Also, when we first started the show, we were doing it from “Snoops Boxing Gym” in Poughkeepsie, NY… We were in the middle of explaining how the location wasn’t the safest neighborhood in the world…when police sirens start blasting by… it was perfect.


Another one… our first “Head to Head”… two boxers who were gonna be in the ring facing each other that week smack talking on the radio! It was gold!

Oh and I, Billy C, have to say… my favorite part of every show was every time Jeremy started speaking… He is my hero…. His voice is like a cross between Jesus and Fergie… (Jeremy didn’t write that…)

What I’m up to now: Talkin Boxing has grown into a full blown empire! Along with the audio version the show has made the move to TV… We broadcast live M-F on Fight Now TV ( and Billy has started gaining a huge YouTube following at


Ron Cozby

Ron_CozbyName: Ron Cozby

Show(s) I host(ed) on TPSRadio: The 3 Wisemen

My favorite TPSRadio/TPXRadio memory: The Sports Buffet episode where Ray and Jen used the Stadium Pal live on the air.

What I’m up to now: I have recently become the Director of Franchise Stores for GNC.


Kelly B.

Kelly_BringinoName: Kelly B.

Show(s) I host(ed) on TPSRadio/TPXRadio: The Kelly and Alana Show

My favorite TPSRadio/TPXRadio memory: Answering questions with Alana (or, having Alana answer them FOR me), while completing “the Sex Test” questionnaire live on the air – without having read it beforehand.

What I’m up to now: I work as a physical therapist where I help people recover from joint replacement surgery. My favorite ways to unwind during my time off include camping, flying, off-roading, wine tasting, and traveling to tropical destinations.


Adam Martin

AdamMartinName: Adam Martin

Show(s) I host(ed) on TPSRadio: Wrestling News Live, Punishment Radio

My favorite TPSRadio memory: Branching out and hosting a podcast with my brother Alex called “Punishment Radio” on TPSRadio. It was the first time I did anything radio, podcast, etc. on my own and not about professional wrestling. I was and still am a big fan of MMA and it was very refreshing to discuss that growing sport at the time and build a new audience.

What I’m up to now: I’m currently the Editor in Chief of and host weekly premium podcast content as part of the Wrestleview VIP area at


Angel Viera

Angel VieraName: Angel Viera

Show(s) I host(ed) on TPSRadio: The Sports Bar

My favorite TPSRadio memory: Ray recording us during breaks and outakes that were then put on the air. Also, predicting the downfall of Tim Lincecum 2 years ago.

What I’m up to now: Work and preparing for the Return of the Sports Bar!

Check out Angel’s latest article about the SF Giants and Tim Lincecum HERE!


Brian Wilmer

Brian_WilmerName: Brian Wilmer

Show(s) I host(ed) on TPSRadio: The Writers Radio, Sports Matters

My favorite TPSRadio memory: There are far too many to mention!

What I’m up to now: I am now the Carolinas Regional Correspondent for, along with writing weekly columns about the ACC and SEC for I am still doing Sports Matters (after eight-plus years!), along with Ed, whenever he can stop by. I would love to hear from any current or former TPS personalities. I’m proud as hell of our many years with the network and the friends I’ve been able to make in the process.


Alana Rose


Name: Alana Rose

Show(s) I host(ed) on TPSRadio: The Kelly and Alana Show

My favorite TPSRadio memory: All of the recording memories make me smile when I look back at them! One in particular that always makes me giggle is when Producer Ray *had to* chime in on me and Kelly’s “Sex Test.” It’s the only episode where you can hear him talking.

What I’m up to now: I moved to Austin, Texas almost 2 years ago. Although my radio career is behind me, I stay busy managing global projects for a large technology company. You can find me out an about in Austin, trying new restaurants, at a cocktail bar, or listening to some live music.


Joe Colarusso

Uncle JoeName: Uncle Joe Colarusso

Show Hosted: Yankee Fan Club Radio

Favorite TPS Radio memory: While I enjoyed all the broadcasts we shared talking all things New York Yankees, I would have to say without a doubt my favorite moment was when a listener from Cardiff, Wales (Alex Angove) graced us via a Skype hookup to talk Yankees baseball. It was awesome because there were so many die-hard Yankee fans around the globe who somehow found our broadcasts and started to e-mail us on a regular basis. The build up was exciting. The actual event was as much fun doing as it was getting it together.

What I’m up to now: Now I am semi retired, and a grandfather to two wonder grand kids. Life couldn’t be any better.


Bryant Scott

ByantScottName: Bryant Scott

Show(s) I host(ed) on TPSRadio: GnatRadio Sports Updates, Bryant Scott Show, Hitting to All Fields, BackYard Radio Show

My favorite TPSRadio memory: When TPS Radio was the PLACE to go for LIVE sports and entertainment broadcasts. It was a fraternity that was like no other before it, or since. Specifically? The 40yard Dash Challenge between The Sports Buffet and The Bryant Scott Show….Gold is always Gold!

What I’m up to now: 230. was up to about 250 but I’ve been eating lots of fruits and veggies. Living in MT, working my life away and enjoying time with my wife (and CoHost)…still messing with radio stuff…  Congrats to Ray and TPSRadio on 10 years of success and to the other folks who have been involved at TPSR that are still keeping the dust off their mics!


David Pinto

David PintoName: David Pinto

Show(s) I host(ed) on TPSRadio: Baseball Musings

My favorite TPSRadio memory: Favorite memory is an interview with a guy who wrote a book about baseball

What I’m up to now: I’m still blogging about baseball at, and I’m a software
programmer at Bay Path College.



Dan Solomon


Dan Solomon

Name: Dan Solomon

Show(s) I host(ed) on TPSRadio: Pro Bodybuilding Worldwide (PBW)

My favorite TPSRadio memory: Shortly after I booked Arnold Schwarzenegger to appear on an earlier broadcast of my show, I still remember how excited I was to inform Ray Garcia that we were on the verge of bringing one of the most famous stars on the planet to TPS Radio. It was a symbolic moment, as we suddenly realized that independent online radio was no longer a place for the unknown… was now a place for “A-List” superstars!

What I’m up to now: I’m still hosting the PBW radio show, now in our 9th year, nearly 300 shows strong. Also working as Senior Features Editor at Muscular Development Magazine. Drop me a note on Twitter @DanSolomon100



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