Pro MMA Radio 387 – Fox Recap, MMA in NY, Shifting Cards, MMA Headlines


The On-Demand Replay of Pro MMA Radio Episode 387 is ready now and available for our listeners 24/7.  This week’s episode includes a recap of Fox 18, a preview of Fight Night 82, the UFC’s predictable loss in trying to force MMA into New York with a preliminary injunction, questionable drug testing numbers, MMA Headlines […]

Show #185 COMC Delivers Life To Upper Deck, ePack Concept


Upper Deck looked like the garage sale was in full effect with a $15,000 set that is mostly manufactured patches. However, they bounced back – in what might be the 21st century style garage sale with a web application that allows you to open packs of card digitally – and then redeem certain ones physically via COMC. The funny thing was, I’ve discussed similar ideas with Tim from COMC as far back as 2013 … so it was cool actually seeing one of his concepts actually come to light. 

2015 Donruss Signatures football is another terrible Panini football product. It’s going to be a brutal year from a re-sellers standpoint this season, I can imagine many people are going to […]