Episode 46: The Kirk Rueter Episode

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Woody being Woody

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We welcome Eric Nathanson to the show. The man behind 2outhits.com and a Giants fan out of…ahem, Chicago?! We start out the show trying to understand how such a die-hard Giants fan developed this way WITHOUT EVER HAVING BEEN TO SAN FRANCISCO! Willie also tests both Eric and Chad’s knowledge with a little Giants trivia.

Talking Points

  • What the hell is going on?! The sky is falling!! 5 losses in a row!

The Week in Review

  • Lost 2/3 to AZ, swept by SD. 4 out of those 5 could’ve easily been wins, have only been outscored by 7 runs over the 5 game losing streak (3 went extra innings)

The Big Question

  • Vogelsong and Cain? Can they right the ship quickly?
  • You can review Chad’s article about Vogelsong’s struggles.

Armchair Manager

  • Is it time to send Hector down? Could we use some bullpen depth?
  • Should Marco be moved down in the lineup?

Tweet At Me, Bruh

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