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Matt Dahl Radio: Ninja Please – May 29,2013


Matt Dahl Radio Episode 117 in on demand! The guys discuss the NBA playoffs, people letting up with their hatred of the Heat and LeBron, LeBrons ability to do anything and some other basketball tidbits. Theres also a lot of entertainment talk on this weeks show with a recap of The Hangover 3 and a series recap of Arrested Development Season 4 from Netflix. And Matt & Joe finally get back to the WWE and discuss the future of CM Punk, and what it means for him to be away from the screen right now. Lots of other fun on this show, so enjoy! Its an action packed episode of MDR!

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Matt Dahl Radio: What Pressure? – May 08,2013


MDR Episode 114! The Knicks are all even with the Pacers and the confidence from Knicks fans is the ultimate roller coaster right now. How high is it after a dominant Game 2 victory? Well also be looking around the rest of the NBA playoffs with the Heat actually losing and the Thunder missing Westbrook. Also, who the hell schedule these playoff games? Then we talk some baseball from the Matt Harvey to the Mets problems and then all the way back to Fantasy Baseball. Also on the show theres some more MOVIE TALK as Matt & Joe go to the movies, talking Iron Man 3, the hope for Avengers 2, and what else this summer holds. Anything goes in this edition of Matt Dahl Radio!

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Matt Dahl Radio: We’re with ya, Boston! – Apr 17,2013


Matt Dahl Radio Episode 111, and we go right to the tragedy that took place at the Boston Marathon on Monday with explosives going off near the finish line, leaving three dead and many seriously injured. Matt & Mike, as runners, share their take on the entire situation surrounding the 117th Boston Marathon, and Matt & Joe follow up with more regarding the unfortunate events and what could be next for the sports world in avoiding something like this. We also have the NBA playoffs upon us and the New York Knicks are the 2 seed! Lots of NBA talk with the playoffs coming. Unfortunately some technical difficulties cost us the final 30 minutes of the show, so no baseball or WWE talk on this one.

New York Knicks | NBA | NBA playoffs | Boston Marathon | sports