10 Year Anniversary!

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It seems as if it was just yesterday when I was sitting at my old computer typing out the code for a little site called! Back then, I was expecting my first child and knee deep in fantasy football draft magazines!

Learning all the intricacies and tricks of broadcasting, editing and publishing audio was quite a learning experience! I can’t tell  you how many times I’ve cursed at my computer (or myself) for messing something up!

Here we are 10 years later and so much has changed! TPSRadio has gone through quite a history which includes creating a family of shows, and more importantly, great friends. It’s been really cool to see shows, which I helped teach them the ropes of internet broadcasting, go on to terrestrial and even satellite radio!

The Beginning

Back at the start of TPSRadio, we just had audio streaming through a little winamp plugin. No fancy cameras or effects. Simply a small 4 channel mixer and some crappy microphones. From there, I added a simple flash based video chat room (this was before Ustream, Ubroadcast, Stickam and other video cam services).  I remember fondly (or not so fondly) how often that chat room broke down due too much bandwidth!


TPSRadio’s old flash video chat room!

The Hosts

These are the guys that helped get TPSRadio started! The very first sports show was Fantasy FUBAR! Karl, Jen and yours truly had a ball as we hung out with you the fans weekly to talk fantasy football. Normally about half way through the show we strayed away from football and on to picking on each other!

podcast convention

Some of the TPSRadio family!

Some of the other hosts that should be on the TPSRadio Hall of Fame (hey, now that’s a good idea!):

Dan Solomon: Pro Bodybuilding Weekly was one of the first shows to join TPSRadio, and Dan has taken his show to the stars and beyond! Perhaps one of the most successful shows to be on TPSRadio!

Ron Cozby: The man who coined the phrase “The MIGHTY TPSRadio!”. A really good guy and hell if he really knew his sports! The 3 Wisemen was some great radio!

Bryant Scott: “The Voice”! Bry helped teach me the ropes of radio, and for that I am eternally grateful! If he only knew how close I was to giving him this network back in the day!

David Pinto: The host of the show and website Baseball Musings, David has the mind of a baseball database and the on air savvy of  some of the best media play callers.

The Fantoo Girls: By far the sweetest girls of internet radio! Not only were they great on radio and knew way more about sports than I did, but they also won 2 podcast awards!

Craig Coleman: The first host I had on the network with an ego, but damn he made great radio! Some of the stuff he did on air was light years away from what I could think of. I don’t know how his mind works, but it was made for radio.


MadBeat, Adam and Ray

Kieran and Adam: I met the guys from Lunatic Radio in person at a Live365 radio convention in San Francisco, and I came strolling in with my bag clanging full of Sierra Nevada beer bottles! That was a precursor for the fun ride we’ve had the past 10 years! Great guys and truly dedicated to their show, an inspiration to the online radio and podcast community.

MadBeat Chemist: I can sit and listen to this guy spin beats all night! MadBeat is always a party and always has a smile on his face. Great guy!

SportsBarAngel: Angel’s excitement and energy renewed my love for broadcasting! I can sit down and talk sports with him for hours, and he will forever be a staple of TPSRadio!

Jen: My partner in crime for well over 10 years and the first lady of TPSRadio! What more needs to be said? From Fantasy FUBAR to The Sports Buffet, Jen was never afraid to take on a challenge! And who else would be brave enough to try out the Stadium Pal? Really, doing radio with her was just an excuse to hang out with “The Asian Sensation”!

And still SO many more! Kelly and Alana! Ty and the Solid Verbal! The RaiderCast! BoltTalk and the lovely Claudia! Too many to name!

The Drama

With building a network like this there came drama. From dealing with egos like Coleman or Ron E. to being offered HORRIBLE merger deals, it’s amazing how much drama can come from working in internet broadcasting!

Through it all, TPSRadio has survived the rise and fall of rivals such as MySportsRadio (out of business by 2009) and a hostile takeover attempt from (who’s radio division failed miserably).

Thankfully, through all the drama we’ve made up with some (Moohead Radio!) and others not so much (The Shift), but in the end I can say the friends and contacts I’ve formed through TPSRadio has made it all worth wild!

The Fans

Where do I start? From some of the first with HeatFan, Connie, DJFleming, Deja, Pam B., KillDaughter, Hobbes, Gone Postal, Jenny, JessJess, Kate to our more recent fans who are too numerous to list out here, this is why I started TPS (and later TPX) Radio! To share my love for sports and music with the listeners!


We LOVE our fans!

With the advent of Facebook and Twitter, its now much easier to keep in touch and I’m glad we do! I feel so fortunate to have met and become friends with SO MANY fans! You guys are amazing and the reason why TPSRadio is the success that it is!

Opening Doors

TPSRadio has definitely been influential in my professional life! This little network helped me get jobs with eBay, Ubroadcast, Yahoo, Bleacher Report and Amazon!

I remember fondly one specific interview at eBay where, while reviewing my resume,  TPSRadio came up. After a few minutes, we had the site up on the laptop and were tuning in to the latest edition of the Performance Nutrition show!

The experience from building this network and managing so many shows, hosts, contracts and schedules has definitely prepared myself for bigger and better things!

2013 and Beyond!

TPSRadio is still going strong and getting bigger every day! Our mobile app is through the roof as mobile users download our content every day and website traffic is at an all time high! If you think we’re stopping after 10 years…. you’re wrong!

I have to say, through it all I feel very blessed and am grateful for the entire experience. TPSRadio has been one of my proudest accomplishments and I have all of you to thank for it. THANK YOU for helping build and grow!

Now….. on to the NEXT 10 years!

Ray Garcia


Check out more on the history of TPSRadio or a partial list of who’s been on TPSRadio!




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